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Single Massages

For Relaxation and Relief

60 Minute Full Body


90 Minute Full Body


120 Minute Full Body


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Massage Packs & Memberships

Save with Monthly Packages or Three, Six, or Twelve Packs

Massage Packages Purchase Up Front and SAVE

60 Minute One Massage per Month


60 Minute Two Massages per Month


90 Minute One Massage per Month


90 Minute Two Massages per Month


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Monthly Massage Membership Information:
Memberships are auto deducted from your account at a discounted rate. If you are unable to use your massage in a month you may share with a family member or friend, trade for a gift card, and unused massages may be carried over (limited number ask your therapist for more information). Never any contracts and may be cancelled or put on hold at any time. 
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